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Join Wedding Cake Designer of the Year 2012 Rosalind Miller in her kitchen studio as she gives a masterclass in baking and decorating the kind of consistent and exquisite cupcakes that will have your friends & family delighted!

Ros starts with the very basics and takes you through the stages required to create perfect cupcakes whilst explaining why some ingredients lead to better results than others, why  it is so important to make sure there’s air in your mix and how you can ensure each batch of cakes is up to a consistent & professional standard.

She then explains how you can make perfect buttercream and demonstrates various icing techniques before preparing the sugarpaste and decorating your cupcakes with deceptively simple techniques and ideas. By the end of the programme, you’ll be ready to bake and decorate cupcakes that you can be really proud of!


Baking & Decorating

£14.99        €19.99   Post included

Presenter: Rosalind Miller

Format:  DVD
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen, 16:9
Region: Free
Running time approx: 51 mins

5 060316 680063

Fifty minutes of sheer cupcake expertise and know-how. Fifty minutes of sheer expertise and invaluable cupcake know-how!