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Join Wedding Cake Designer of the Year 2012 Rosalind Miller in her kitchen studio as she creates some delightful wedding cupcakes that would turn heads on any wedding day!

In her easygoing, straightforward style, Ros shows you how to use buttercream and sugarpaste (fondant) to make the consistent basic cupcakes needed for the beautiful end results, and then how to decorate them with stencils and lustre dust to create stunning, classy and expensive-looking cakes.

She then explains embossing and how to create professional ‘quilted’ cakes, before moving on to take you step-by-step through making sugar flowers that will impress your guests, before finishing by showing you how to make a beautiful bow and add those crucial final touches that turn cupcakes into nothing less than individual little works of art!

“I bought this almost on impulse because I thought I might be able to do something ‘special’ for
my friend and his partner’s reception. It was a real inspiration, and I ended up making some wonderful cakes - I’d never have thought it possible. Absolutely bloody brilliant. Thank you.”

Foodcraft / Weddings

Wedding Cupcakes

£14.99        €19.99   Post included

Presenter: Rosalind Miller     

Format:  DVD
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen, 16:9
Region: Free
Running time approx: 57 mins

5 060316 680070

How to bake and decorate stunning cupcakes for that special day. How do prepare and decorate breathtaking cupcakes for that special day