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Ian Kent’s Wildlife Workshop 2:

Kingfisher in the Reeds

£14.99        €19.99  Post included

Presenter: Ian Kent     

Format:  DVD
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen, 16:9
Region: Free
Running time approx: 77 mins

5 060316 680100

Ian Kent is one of the UK’s leading wildlife artists, with a special love for British birds. Former Wildlife Artist of the Year and International Gold Medallist, his paintings are sought after by collectors from all over the world, and his exquisite bird paintings illustrate the RSPB’s calendar each year.

This is the second in his Wildlife Workshop series in which he introduces the airbrush and basic but highly effective techniques to create a wonderful, almost photographic ‘out of focus’ background which serves to bring the main subject to the fore.

Ian’s easygoing and direct approach makes seemingly advanced techniques accessible and most of all - achievable.

A delight to watch and a revelation to painters who may never have considered using an airbrush, this masterclass opens entirely new dimensions and possibilities for artists both aspiring and practiced.

Waych a master artist combine airbrushing and painting to produce a stunning image - and one that we can all aspire to achieve
Ian Kent's Wildlife Workshop - Kingfisher in the Reeds