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Latest news from the Art & Craft Academy

Michael Richardson, the respected contemporary landscape artist and member of the prestigious Wapping Group, has joined our team of presenters to produce a series of programmes commencing in Spring 2013.

His first programme for the Art & Craft Academy will introduce painters – both beginners and the more experienced – to the 'joys' of painting in the open air. Drawing on his hard-won experience, he will explain how to approach a day's plein air painting, what equipment and clothing you should take, how to prepare for the day and how to deal with everything from inclement weather to frank and inquisitive children.

Clink Street, London, by Art & Craft Academy presenter and painter Michael Richardson Michael Richardson to make a new series of programmes for the Art & Craft Academy SW from Maypole Lane and Trafalgar Square in the Rain by Art & Craft Academy presenter Michel Richardson

Above: South West from Maypole Lane, Goudhurst.
Right: Trafalgar Square in the rain. The vibrant immediacy of plein air painting is apparent in both these works.              
Reproduced by kind permission.


Michael trained at the Ipswich School of Art as a sculptor and a painter, but his abiding passion for sailing led him to a career in the marine industry where he specialised in sail design and manufacture. However he maintained his interest in art and resumed his career as a painter in 1992.

He is a prolific painter, and his works are widely collected not just in the UK, but all over the world and particularly in the United States. His main interest is plein air painting and he enjoys the challenge of working quickly in front of his subject, capturing the moment in changing light and weather. Michael is a member of the Wapping Group – the oldest outdoor painting society in the UK - which includes several of Britain's leading landscape and marine artists.

Art & Craft Academy motif Michael Richardson to make new series on plein air painting

“I'll take great pleasure in encouraging people
to get out of their houses and studios and
paint the world as they see it –
right in front of their eyes!”

Clink Street, London. Michael underpainted the general tones given by the streetlights before adding the detail.                                                                        Reproduced by kind pernmission.

Michael said “I'm really looking forward to working with Steve Grant and his team to make some informative and hopefully inspiring programmes. Plein air is a wonderful way to paint, often frustrating but immensely rewarding, and I'll take great pleasure in encouraging people to get out of their houses and studios and paint the world as they see it – right in front of their eyes!”

Producer Jim Reeve said “Our intention is to produce the very best programmes we can, and that means attracting the best people we can. We are delighted that Michael has come on board and joined people such as Ian King and Rosalind Miller; leading lights in their respective fields. Michael's phenomenal talent and experience is going to bring a whole new dimension to the range”.