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Powertex is already huge in Europe, the USA & Canada, Australasia, South Africa - just Google ‘Powertex’ and you’ll see what we mean!

And now - it’s available here in the UK and we just can’t wait to see what the Brits are going to do with this wonderful new medium.

We’ve teamed up with Powertex to produce a series of masterclasses on DVD, and the first two programmes are available right now. By creating some stunning pieces which are surprisingly straightforward to make, Powertex artist  Brit Wellens opens the door to a whole new world of creative possibilities limited only by your inventiveness and imagination. The possibilities really are endless!

As part of the launch of Powertex in the UK, we’re offering both programmes for only

£24.99 - that’s a saving of £9.99 on the recommended retail price - PLUS - post and packing is free! Please note: these DVD’s feature the original English speaking soundtracks. International editions are available from the end of January - including the masterclass in Painting from Powertex founder Brigitte Grade.

Stone Art presented by Brit Wellens Introduction to Powertex and Stone Art special launch offer!

Powertex Launch Offer:
An Introduction to Powertex (double disc set)
Powertex Stone Art

£24.99    Postage included!

Presenter: Brit Wellens     
Format:  DVD
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen, 16:9
Region: Free

5 060316 680018